Editing is more than grammar, typos, and style. In fact,
editing is as much about 2349632625_7c2813f45b_oyour audience as it is about your message.

An editor not only makes your message clear, compelling, and error free, he or she works as an advocate for your audience, shaping your message in ways that suit the intended reader’s needs and expectations.

An editor helps you decide which content is essential to your audience and which is likely to distract from your core message and purpose.

When it comes to business communications, the editor serves as a bridge to your audience: the customer.

Are your communications building brides to your customers? Or are they creating detours and jams?

Unsure? I’ve edited everything from technical documents to product brochures to annual reports to feature articles to video scripts. I’m sure I can help you make your communications even more useful and relevant to your customers. Give me a call.